Daily Devotional, 5/5/18

You may have noticed I didn’t do devotional yesterday.  I actually started to.  I had the charcoal lit for offerings and I was lighting candles when I saw my friend pull up in the driveway.  We had planned to hang out, but he was a little early.  I didn’t want to make him wait so I just blew out the candle I lit and let the charcoal burn out on its own.  I feel a little bad for wasting a charcoal tablet.

Today’s devotional went pretty well.  I patiently got the Three Kindred candles lit.  The Shining Ones/Vanir candle had a pretty short wick so it was hard to light.  I took a deep breath and started.  I named my Ancestors, various categories of Nature Spirits, and the Vanir.  I took a moment to smell each offering on the charcoal before moving on.  I really enunciated Freyja’s prayer this time, which helped me put passion into it.  I felt I did a good job with it.

I ended up drawing two cards today.  I took a deep breath and focused on the question, “What do I need to know today?” as I shuffled the Wychwood Oracle deck three times.  I drew the Black Cat:

XIII – The Black Cat, upright, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Black Cat, whether reversed or upright, simply means “your luck will change.”  That didn’t give me a whole lot of information.  I decided to put the Black Cat back in the deck and shuffle another three times while asking, “My luck will change in terms of what?”

This time, I drew the Key reversed:

XIX – The Key, reversed, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Key in the reversed position signifies openness, honesty, and revelations.  Putting this together with the question means that my luck will change in terms of openness, honesty, and revelations.  People seem to be open and honest with me, so perhaps someone will hide something from me today.  Or maybe people are actually lying to me most of the time, so my luck will change and people will become open and honest.  This is a hard combination to figure out.  Maybe revelations will no longer work out in my favor as they have been.  That’s also a possibility.  If you have any insight, please share in the comments section!

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