Revisiting Druidry

I recently rejoined the Pagan Druid organization Ar nDraiocht Fein:  A Druid Fellowship.  At first I was apprehensive about returning because I had some unsavory social interactions with other members in the past.  I had also begun to struggle with ritual and other practices of the Druidic Path.  I decided to come back to ADF after more than a year because I had felt a pulling to read more about Druids of old and to study Indo-European mythology more in depth.  Now that I am back, I realized I missed the community, even though I felt it had treated me badly at times.  I missed the Druid Way and the beauty to be found in it.  I also wanted to complete some of the study programs available to ADF members.  For the most part, I am happy to be back.  I am still somewhat apprehensive about the social aspect of membership, but I am glad to have returned home.  We’ll see in the coming weeks if I am welcomed with open arms.

Blessings, Rosemary


My absence

I have been away for a while.  For the longest time, I was lost as to where my spirituality fit into life and whether I fit into ADF.  I was also having difficulties with family, and so I had moved in with my fiance.

Things have finally settled down, except for wedding planning for our ceremony in September.  I am more confident in my spirituality and my place within ADF, thanks to an outpouring of love and support for my fiance and me after his grandfather died.  My fiance has also been making sure we do ritual at least once a week, though we did forget last week.

I’ve also started a garden!  I am growing radishes (which will be harvested in the coming week), corn (a staple here in the Midwestern US), lavender, basil, bush beans, broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers, and a marigold to help keep harmful insects away!  I am doing this all in a Square Foot Garden, which takes up 16 square feet of space.  I’ve also started my own compost pile.

The garden and the compost are profoundly affecting my spirituality.  Every time I thin seedlings in the garden, I realize I am killing a plant.  Yet this death is not in vain.  The thinned plants go into the compost bin, where they will decompose into nutrients for future plants.  Death begets life.  I am becoming more and more aware of this truth every day.

We also celebrated the Summer Solstice with a ritual a couple weeks ago.  We were able to celebrate outside, with a fire in a fire pit.  Our Tree was the pile of branches waiting to be burned.  Our Well was my tiny mini cauldron, since we don’t have anything larger for that purpose (yet).  Sunna was the focus of the rite.  The ritual went really well, though our Omens suggested depression and infertility.  A few of my plants since then have not been doing very well, and I personally had a couple difficult days.

My fiance and I also went to a local Pagan festival with a couple friends at the end of May.  It was a great experience, for the most part, except for cold nights and rainy days.  The weather caused us to leave a day early.  However, we attended the opening ritual, which was Native American in style.  The ritual was a great experience.  I personally attended a dowsing workshop, which was very interesting.  I discovered that I wasn’t too bad at it.  I’m looking into it further for personal practice.  I also danced a Maypole for the first time.  I will probably change the tree picture above to a picture of the Maypole dance in progress.

I decided to come back to blogging because I missed being able to express my point of view on various Pagan topics in my own space.  I feel like I still have so much more to say!

Many blessings, Victoria

My apologies for my absence!

For those of you that read my blog regularly, you may have noticed I hadn’t posted anything in close to a week.  I have not suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth; I simply was having Internet issues!  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to let you know sooner!  I will catch up on comments and the Pagan Blog Project post shortly.  Reading all the posts I missed from others will take a lot of time, and will best be left for later.

I hope all of you have been doing well!

Blessings, Victoria