Spring Equinox Blessings!

Today I celebrated the Equinox with my husband.  The people we had invited to the ritual were unable to come, so we celebrated on our own.

Here is our altar and fire for the ritual:


On the altar are seeds and seedlings to be blessed, as well as my Sun Goddess circlet, offerings of bread, thyme, and eggs, and my rune bag.

Once the ritual began, I called upon the Keepers of Time and Place to transport us to a time outside of time and a place outside of place.  I offered them some incense that I had blended especially for the ritual.  Next we called upon the Nature Spirits, the Earth Mother, and the Deities of Fertility to be present for the ritual.  Then we offered praise and physical offerings to each being.  We offered thyme to the Nature Spirits, bread to the Earth Mother, and hard boiled eggs for the Deities of Fertility.

Here’s the Omen pulled when we asked what blessings were offered:


The first rune on the left is Ehwaz, which is the partnership rune.  In the middle is Laguz, water and life.  The rune on the right is Fehu, the wealth and growth rune.  Laguz and Fehu are especially appropriate for this rite.  Overall I consider the omen to be very positive and reinforcing.

Next was the seed and sprout blessing, which used these words:

Nature Spirits, Earth Mother, Deities of Fertility…we ask you to bless these seeds and sprouts with your abundance and life.  May they all grow strong and tall.  May they nourish our hearts and souls with their gifts

We then said farewell to all the beings we invited to be present, including the Keepers of Time and Place.  We closed the ritual by saying:  We have come together to celebrate the Earth Mother’s awakening.  As we return to our daily lives, may we carry respect for Her and all of Nature forever in our hearts.  Blessed be!

It was a simple ritual, but it was beautiful in its simplicity.

Blessings of Abundance and Fertility to each of you!



Beltane blessings!

May 1 is usually celebrated among Pagans as Beltane, a festival of fertility and whimsy.  Now is the time to acknowledge the life and fertility all around us in Nature, like flowers blooming and animals nesting.

I acknowledged this High Day by pouring offerings of coffee outside to the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining Ones.  Next week my fiance and I will celebrate with a formal ritual.

May all areas of your life be in bloom!


A stormy night

Thor graced us with His presence last night.  The weather radio went off many times during the night, preventing anyone in the house from getting much sleep.  We did eventually get a storm, and the lights flickered several times.  Yet we didn’t lose power, though many others in our county did.  People further north had their power go out.  Bloomington (home to Indiana University) to the south had tornado warnings.

Yet none of my close friends live in the areas that suffered from blackouts or threats of tornadoes.

Was it the favor of the Aesir in general that kept my friends safe?  Was it specifically my Lady Freya that spread Her feathered cloak over me, and by extension, my friends?

Regardless of Who it was, I thank Them.  I am grateful for the opportunity to live another day in comfort, security, health, and wisdom.

Blessed be the Ancestors! Blessed be the Nature Spirits!
Blessed be the Shining Ones!

Blessed be.