Daily Devotional, 2/11/18

Today I decided to use a charcoal disc in an incense burner instead of simply putting my offerings in a bowl.  I love the smell of the offerings, and I felt that it would please the Spirits more.

Here’s the practice itself:

I honor my Ancestors.  [put rose petals on charcoal disc]

[pause to allow the scent to permeate the air]

I honor the Nature Spirits. [put lavender buds on charcoal disc]

[pause to allow the scent to permeate the air]

I honor the Shining Ones.  [put myrrh resin on charcoal disc]

[pause to allow the scent to permeate the air]

(Something along the lines of:) I thank you for your many blessings today and everyday.  I honor you today and every day.

Then I drew a card from the Wychwood Oracle:

XXVIII – The Lord, reversed, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

Look, it’s the Lord reversed again!  This probably means I will have another inattentive day where I am all over the place.  It surely doesn’t refer to my lack of devotional practice, because I didn’t forget to do it this time!  Another possible meaning is independence.

The scent of the offerings still permeates the air in our little office where I keep my shrine and my computer.  It is very lovely and lends a sense of mystery and magic to the atmosphere.

Again the sky seemed dark, and I got up late.  Today though it was cloudy. (Yesterday it was somewhat dark, but not cloudy.)  When I performed the Two Powers exercise, I felt the Powers go up my arms as usual, but I could also feel Them running along my spine.  I feel as if I […]

A beautiful start

Today I did my first morning devotional using the SDF liturgy (see previous post).  As soon as I opened the blinds, I saw a cardinal resting in the tree outside my window.  I grabbed my camera, but when I went to take a picture, it was gone.  I was thrilled to see a cardinal just before my morning devotions.

I filled my Well, sat in front of my nightstand, and hesitated.  I’m not sure why I did.  I reminded myself that I really wanted to do this, and so I began in a loud and clear voice.

Candle is lit and cauldron is filled.  Notice the sky and tree outside my window.
Candle is lit and cauldron is filled. Notice the sky and tree outside my window.
Picture by Victoria Laughlin, 2013.


I read the first half of the devotional about “greeting the sun,” which is what inspired me to get up so early in the first place.  I then paused for a bit and just enjoyed watching the sky become lighter, as it continues to do while I write this.  I noticed my cat seemed mesmerized by the candle’s flame.

I decided to take an omen.  I asked, “Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?”  I drew three runes for an idea.

my Omen
Berkano, Uruz, Ehwaz
Picture taken by Victoria Laughlin, 2013.

Berkano is “Birch; strength, flexibility, resourcefulness,” according to Michael Dangler’s ADF Dedicant’s Path Through the Wheel of the Year.  Uruz is “Auroch, drizzle; strength, dross.”  Ehwaz is “Horse, easy and joyful travel, help.”  Obviously the common meaning is strength, which I think means that I was strong in getting up early this morning to do this devotional.  Ehwaz is saying the practice will help me, I believe.

I watched the sun rise for a few more moments, then read the second half of the prayer.  I looked at each of the Fire, Well, and Tree as I mentioned it.

After reading the prayer, I shut off my Kindle that I had been using, and watched the sun rise a few moments more.  I blew out the candle and proceeded to type this post!

I do recall a feeling of peace during the entire ritual.  I feel very blessed by the Kindreds to have been able to experience this.

May you all have such a beautiful start to your morning, Victoria