Devotional Omen for 3/15/2015

Today I performed my first ritual that follows the ADF Core Order of Ritual in more than a year.  I used a basic liturgy available from the Solitary Druid Fellowship (SDF) website.  My husband and I performed the rite together.  We offered bread to the Earth Mother and Nature Spirits, coffee to the Ancestors, mead for Heimdall (our Gatekeeper), Freyja, Sunna, the Shining Ones in general, and homegrown dried thyme for Cerridwen (who has drawn my attention lately).  We also used mead for the Final Offering.  I must admit, it felt very familiar and comforting to perform the rite.  I am confident the Kindreds (Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Deities) appreciated it.  Here was our Omen:


The rune on the left, Berkano, is the Omen from the Ancestors.  Berkano stands for feminine strength, grace, and wisdom.  The Nature Spirits gave us Wunjo, joy, in the middle.  Finally, the Shining Ones gave us Nauthiz on the right.  I am struggling to interpret this rune.  Nauthiz is a rune of necessity, so perhaps we will be forced to deal with something that needs dealing with or doing something that has to be done.

Blessings, Rosemary

Devotional Omen 3/8/2015

I decided to write my devotional omen interpretation on this blog, since I am getting back into Druidic practice.  However, this devotional was still my usual one, where I said a prayer that you can find on my other blog and lit a stick of incense while wearing my Sun Goddess circlet.

Here’s the omen I drew when I asked, “What are my blessings for the week?”


The first rune I drew was Wunjo, joy.  The weather forecast for the week shows the high temperature being much warmer than it has been, which is definitely cause for joy.  There may be other reasons I have drawn Wunjo, but I’ll see during the week.  The second rune is Jera, harvest, year, cycles.  This is a rune that normally doesn’t appear at this time of year.  However, it is significant to note that my Pagan dedication anniversary is coming up, so this is most likely a reflection of that.  The last rune is Mannaz, man, self.  Perhaps I need to focus on myself this week, or it should be read in conjunction with Jera to mean that Jera is referring to me.  All in all, I feel this is a positive omen for the week.

Blessings, Rosemary

A runic confusion

I have struggled off and on with feeling connected to my Patron Goddesses, Freyja and Sunna.  I feel like they probably know me better than I know them.  So this morning I did some runic divination to see what I could do to know them better.

The first question I asked was, “How can I get to know Freyja better?”  The runes I drew in response were Wunjo, Nauthiz, and Ingwaz.  I  interpreted Wunjo to be joy, Nauthiz to be oppression, and Ingwaz to be fertility.  I will find joy through oppression and fertility.  I am growing a garden right now, so that helps me become closer to Freyja, but I’m not sure what the oppression would be.  I think I will just continue on the path I am on for now.

The second question I asked was, “How can I get to know Sunna better?”  This time I drew the runes Mannaz, Laguz, and Thurisaz.  I interpreted Mannaz to be the self, Laguz to be change, and Thurisaz to be something painful.  I must experience painful change.  Or at least that’s what I got out of it.  I’m not really sure what I might need to change that would be painful or difficult.  Perhaps I need to start some sort of regular meditation practice.  Meditation in general is difficult for me.

However, a friend suggested that Mannaz means “person,” Laguz means intuition and emotions, and Thurisaz means something sudden or unexpected.  His interpretation was that I should be aware of the sudden appearance of an emotional person, who I presume would somehow help me know Sunna in some way (perhaps teaching).

Honestly, I really have no idea how to interpret the runes drawn for Sunna.  I don’t really get any sort of gut feeling when I pull runes.  My mind is simply blank.  My friend did suggest that I sleep on the runes I pulled for Sunna to trigger dreams that might clarify the reading.  I will at least try it.

Does anyone out there have suggestions or advice on interpreting runes?

Blessings, Victoria

Snow still covers the front yard, though some of it is melting in the back. I have most of the devotional prayer memorized.  I only had to glance at my Kindle a few times to remember the words. Nothing remarkable about the Two Powers today.  I could feel the Powers up and down my body, […]

Snow covered the Land when I rose today to perform my morning devotional rite.  It has been snowing a fair amount lately. The Two Powers exercise went well.  I could feel the Powers stretching down to my legs and also up my spine.  I’m still having trouble seeing myself as the center of those Powers, […]

A celebration of Charming of the Plough/Imbolc

My fiance and I performed our rite yesterday for Charming of the Plough (for more info on this, see this post).  I guess you could say I led the ritual since I spoke the most, but my fiance had important parts, such as blessing the Fire and calling the Ancestors.

To begin, I smudged the room with lavender.  I live in a household that doesn’t like the smell of burning herbs because it resembles pot.  Burning lavender, however, smells remotely unlike pot.

We stood as I said the opening words.  We then spoke purificatory prayers as we were smudged by the other with lavender.

We sat down so we could touch the floor as I honored the Earth Mother, Who is the personification of the Earth as a whole.  I asked her to bless the rite.  We sat for the rest of the ritual.

Next, I stated the purpose of the ritual, which was to celebrate Charming of the Plough.  I also said a few words to honor the local land in its current state with these words:

In this time of radical temperature changes, we honor the land of Indiana we call home (at least for now).  May the budding trees flourish in the spring instead of dying as a result of freezing temperatures.  May sheltering animals stay safe until the weather has warmed sufficiently.  May the Hoosier countryside retain its beauty.

I also mentioned the Goddesses we were going to honor in the ritual, Frigga, Goddess of hearths, and Gerd, Goddess of the soil.

We alternated speaking the lines of the next prayer, which aimed to reaffirm our connection to both Earth and Sky.  I personally didn’t feel much of anything here.  I think I prefer my usual method of doing this, which is just feeling the energy and letting it flow into me.

My fiance began the important step of Recreating the Cosmos, which transforms our ordinary space into a magical one nearer to the Otherworld.  We do this by taking three items–in our case, a small cactus from Arizona given to me by my dad some years ago, a small cauldron filled with water, and a larger cauldron containing three candles arranged around a lit charcoal disc–and transforming them into the Tree, Well, and Fire, respectively.  We bless each of these items to sanctify them.  This Sacred Center of Fire, Well, and Tree is a cornerstone of ADF Druidry.  My fiance blessed the Fire, and I blessed the Well and Tree.

I then called upon Heimdall, our Gatekeeper, to help us open the Gates, and made an offering to Him.  “Opening the Gates” is a liturgical step in which an energetic/spiritual gate is opened between this world and the Otherwold so that our praise and return blessings might flow more easily.  Heimdall lent us His energy to open the Gates, keep them open for the duration of the ritual, and close them at the end.  My fiance was the one who specifically opened the Gates.

Next, we made offerings to each of the Three Kindreds–Shining Ones (Deities), Nature Spirits, and Ancestors.  I offered to both the Shining Ones and the Nature Spirits, while my fiance offered to the Ancestors.  (In case you’re curious, our offerings were:  Shining Ones–a special loose incense blend, Nature Spirits–bread, Ancestors–coffee.)

After these general offerings, we offered to the Deities of the Occasion, Frigga and Gerd.  My fiance read a prayer I had written for Frigga (which I will post soon) and offered Her milk.  I read a prayer I had found in the Pagan Book of Hours for Gerd and offered Her flour.

Next is the time for Praise Offerings, that is, personal offerings of praise to any Being one wishes.  Since I am a daughter of Freya, I read a short prayer of praise I had written for Her (I will also post this soon).  I had no physical offering prepared, so I took a small handful of flour unused for Gerd’s offering and offered that.  I apologized for not having a proper offering prepared.

We then made one final offering of milk to all the Beings collectively.

Next came the Omens.  The questions and their rune answers follow.

Ancestors, what blessings do you have for us?

Nauthiz–absolute poverty, work without reward, loss of the sole bread-winner of the family, oppressive outside forces we can do nothing about, opportunity for lessons to be learned from the situation but they must be learned early  (May have been referring to ice on roadways later that night.  We couldn’t have done anything about that!)

Nature Spirits, what blessings do you have for us?

Kenaz–in most circumstances:  death of children, sore that eats away at your insides, battle that goes poorly.  In other circumstances, is torch of fellowship, gives hope, offers warmth (My fiance did have to spend the night at our house.  His family cannot afford to heat their home, so he was able to stay toasty for a night.)

Shining Ones, what blessings do you have for us?

Eihwaz–rune of battle, rune of Ancestors, seek ancient lore, both helping and hurting, go back to our roots to find answers (Honestly, I’m not sure what this rune would mean in this context.)

We then asked the Kindreds for blessings to enter our cups.  My cup was filled with white wine; my fiance opted for water.  We drank the beverages to literally incorporate the blessings into our bodies.

We affirmed the purpose of the rite and that we had offered worship and praise.  Next, we thanked the Beings we had called in reverse order of their calling.

I thanked Heimdall and closed the Gates, and then I thanked the Earth Mother .

Finally, I said a closing prayer, ending with the words, “It is done.”

I noticed at random points throughout the rite I wanted to cry spontaneously from all the emotion I was feeling.  I think the rite was successful in connecting us with the Cosmos, other Druids, and the Kindreds themselves.  My fiance also enjoyed it.

When I rose from bed this morning, gray clouds hung in the sky.  Everything was damp from the overnight storms. I performed my morning devotional a bit differently today.  Instead of kneeling on the floor, I sat in a chair.  It was nice to be able to see out the window better. For the Two […]

I was looking at the Bradford pear outside my window when I realized a light rain was falling.  I thought of Frey and smiled.  (Frey is a God of fertility in the form of rain, while Thor is God of fertility in the form of storms.) Just before the devotional rite, I noticed I was […]

Morning devotional went well today.  I noticed snowflakes falling outside among the budding branches of the Bradford pear.  I also grabbed a small white sage smudge stick and lit it from the candle’s flame to smudge my room and the Shrine before working.  I had forgotten how much I love the scent of white sage! […]

Again the sky seemed dark, and I got up late.  Today though it was cloudy. (Yesterday it was somewhat dark, but not cloudy.)  When I performed the Two Powers exercise, I felt the Powers go up my arms as usual, but I could also feel Them running along my spine.  I feel as if I […]