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A UU Beltane

I was asked to host a Beltane ritual at the Unitarian Universalist church I attend shortly after the normal service this past Sunday.  Leading up to the ritual, I was so thrilled simply to have the opportunity to provide ritual to the congregation in a very public setting.  Mostly I was excited to share my faith with others and to show them what Paganism is about.

This ritual was very similar to the one performed on Sunday that I wrote about here, with some small tweaks.  I added a final offering after the participant offerings to provide a climax to the ritual.  We also had everyone kneel down and touch the Earth Mother as we called Her to ritual.  We also asked the children attending to wave their faery wands they had made earlier to help us call them.

In my opinion, the ritual went very well–much better than the one on Friday.  The larger number of participants (about 7) probably helped things.  I also feel that the final offering provided a much needed “high point” to the ritual.  Almost everyone after the ritual said they enjoyed it and thanked me for it.

The picture of the Omen won’t post correctly, so I will simply write about it here.

The first rune I drew was Kenaz, torch.  I see this rune as a rune of transformation and purification.  The second rune I drew was Berkano, birch.  Berkano is symbolic of the Earth Mother and new beginnings.  The last rune drawn was Sowilo, sun and strength.  All in all, this is a very positive Omen that points to the warmth of the Sun, reverence of the Earth Mother, and a new beginning due to some transformation.

I am so glad I was able to give my church family a glimpse of my world.  I hope I have blessed them as much as I feel they have blessed me.

Blessings, Rosemary


Beltane Blessings!

Today I hosted a Beltane ritual with my husband for a new friend and our roommate.  Beltane is a celebration of fertility, but we chose to celebrate the Faeries since kids were originally planned to be present.  (They couldn’t make it.)  Here is a picture of our altar after the ritual; I forgot to take a picture before:


I am in love with this fabric; it is simply perfect for Beltane.  It is also silky and floaty, which the picture doesn’t convey–perfect for honoring the Faeries.

To begin, I said words to open the ritual and create sacred space, offering some thyme mixed with lavender to the fire.  Our guest said the prayer for honoring the Earth Mother and made an offering of bread.  I then called the Ancestors and tossed some mugwort into the flames.  Our guest called the Nature Spirits (offering thyme and lavender) and Deities–my husband poured some wine into the fire for their offering.  I honored the fairies with fruit & nut trail mix.

After personal praise offerings, I took an Omen for the ritual asking what blessings were offered to us.


The rune on the left is Ingwaz, a rune of fertility–perfect for Beltane.  In the middle is Hagalaz, hail; I see it as transformative from harm to healing.  Finally we have Sowilo, sun and strength.  All in all, this is a very positive Omen for Beltane!

I called for a blessing into a bowl of water and sprinkled everyone with it, including myself.  We then thanked everyone we had called in reverse order, returned to ordinary space, and ended the ritual.

I will elaborate more on the ritual script on Sunday, after I perform it for the congregation at the Unitarian Universalist church I attend.  I prefer to keep the script private until then to have more of an impact on attendees.

The ritual was simple but beautiful.  I enjoyed it, and I look forward to performing it for my church.

Blessings, Rosemary


Snow covered the Land when I rose today to perform my morning devotional rite.  It has been snowing a fair amount lately.

The Two Powers exercise went well.  I could feel the Powers stretching down to my legs and also up my spine.  I’m still having trouble seeing myself as the center of those Powers, but I think I will start working with visualization next week to actually feel the Sky Power from above and the Earth Power from below.  In other words, this week is the last week I will use the physical cues of the steaming water and soil.

I praised Freya with a prayer I wrote a few days ago, and offered Her cinnamon as usual.

Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?

Sowilo–things that are right in the world, cycles, warmth and joy in the days to come

Fehu–wealth (but it shouldn’t be hoarded), give of what you have to take part in cosmos’ reciprocity

Thurisaz–look before you sit, brute strength, using opponent’s strength against him

When I saw Sowilo and Fehu, I thought of the possibility of finally getting a job, which would be joyful and give me wealth.  Once I obtain the wealth, though, I shouldn’t become miserly and be afraid to spend it (as my family thinks I should).  Thurisaz is cautionary, but I’m not sure why.

To finish my ritual this morning, I lit a white sage smudge stick from the Fire and smudged the room.  I did this simply because I felt like it, and I love the scent of white sage.


I was looking at the Bradford pear outside my window when I realized a light rain was falling.  I thought of Frey and smiled.  (Frey is a God of fertility in the form of rain, while Thor is God of fertility in the form of storms.)

Just before the devotional rite, I noticed I was a bit jittery and excited.  I tried to take some deep breaths to calm down, but that didn’t really work.  When I started doing weekly devotionals last year, I noticed after a while that I would get anxious and excited before the rite instead of being calm.  I think I am anticipating the ritual, but I would rather be calm.  Any ideas for overcoming this are welcome!

Since I didn’t have my Kindle, I had to read the prayer from my computer, which was situated behind me.  I had to turn around every couple lines to look at it.  That disrupted the flow of the ritual some.

I noticed when I performed the Two Powers exercise, the energy seemed to stop at the base of my spine, instead of also going through my legs.  Perhaps the flow of energy was blocked by the folding of my legs underneath me.  I could try to sit crosslegged, but I’m not sure that would work any better.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Ansuz–wisdom, new beginnings

Sowilo–sun, warmth and joy in the days to come, cycles

Pertho–chance, uncertainty

There is an unknown element today, indicated by Pertho.  Ansuz could be referring to my plan to get my explanatory essay for Yule done today–that is a wise thing to do.  I’m not sure how “new beginnings” relates, but I do have a job interview tomorrow.  Perhaps I will get the job.  Sowilo tells me that I will be happy in the coming days.  The next High Day (Imbolc/Charming of the Plough) is this week, and rituals for the High Days make me very happy.  A job would also make me happy.  Today, though, I’m not so sure of my interpretation, as it seems more of what I would like to happen than what will actually happen.

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