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Devotional Omen for 4/5/2015

First off, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Easter, even though it is a Christian holiday.  If you’re like me, you still have family who celebrates and familial obligations require you to celebrate alongside your family.  If you prefer not to celebrate Easter, then have a happy day!  Spring is upon us!

I had a special altar set up for today, since yesterday I bought some tulips at the grocery:


Our tulips served as the Tree, a candle as the Fire, and a small cauldron filled with water as the Well.  My husband’s and my blessing cups are in front.  The omen is on the left side in front of the little bag, and the bowl contains our offerings that we made during the ritual.  The white sage bundle was used to smudge the altar and ourselves before the ritual started.

We used the brief ritual liturgy from the Solitary Druid Fellowship.  As soon as I sat down next to my husband to perform the ritual, I felt a shift in awareness take place.  I also noticed (for the first time) that as I read the words for grounding and centering I visualized what I was saying.  I’ve never had that happen to me in a ritual before, so that must mean I’m getting better at it.

We offered bread to the Earth Mother and Ancestors, garden sage for the Nature Spirits, mead for Heimdall (our Gatekeeper), Freyja, Sunna, and the Shining Ones in genera, and Yukon Jack whiskey for the final offering.

Our omen was as follows:


The Ancestors gave us Wunjo, on the left, which is joy.  The Nature Spirits gave us Hagalaz, hail.  I see Hagalaz as a rune of something oppressive “melting” into something of benefit.  The Gods and Goddesses gave us Thurisaz, thorn, and a rune of Thor.  Overall, I see this as a positive omen, though Hagalaz portends caution.

I wasn’t feeling well last week, so I hadn’t done ritual.  As a result, my week wasn’t as good.  I found myself in a sad mood more than usual during the week.  I made sure to find time today to perform ritual even though my husband and I had to spend time with our families today for Easter.  I feel confident that my week will be better this time around.

Blessings, Rosemary


Devotional Omen 3/8/2015

I decided to write my devotional omen interpretation on this blog, since I am getting back into Druidic practice.  However, this devotional was still my usual one, where I said a prayer that you can find on my other blog and lit a stick of incense while wearing my Sun Goddess circlet.

Here’s the omen I drew when I asked, “What are my blessings for the week?”


The first rune I drew was Wunjo, joy.  The weather forecast for the week shows the high temperature being much warmer than it has been, which is definitely cause for joy.  There may be other reasons I have drawn Wunjo, but I’ll see during the week.  The second rune is Jera, harvest, year, cycles.  This is a rune that normally doesn’t appear at this time of year.  However, it is significant to note that my Pagan dedication anniversary is coming up, so this is most likely a reflection of that.  The last rune is Mannaz, man, self.  Perhaps I need to focus on myself this week, or it should be read in conjunction with Jera to mean that Jera is referring to me.  All in all, I feel this is a positive omen for the week.

Blessings, Rosemary

A runic confusion

I have struggled off and on with feeling connected to my Patron Goddesses, Freyja and Sunna.  I feel like they probably know me better than I know them.  So this morning I did some runic divination to see what I could do to know them better.

The first question I asked was, “How can I get to know Freyja better?”  The runes I drew in response were Wunjo, Nauthiz, and Ingwaz.  I  interpreted Wunjo to be joy, Nauthiz to be oppression, and Ingwaz to be fertility.  I will find joy through oppression and fertility.  I am growing a garden right now, so that helps me become closer to Freyja, but I’m not sure what the oppression would be.  I think I will just continue on the path I am on for now.

The second question I asked was, “How can I get to know Sunna better?”  This time I drew the runes Mannaz, Laguz, and Thurisaz.  I interpreted Mannaz to be the self, Laguz to be change, and Thurisaz to be something painful.  I must experience painful change.  Or at least that’s what I got out of it.  I’m not really sure what I might need to change that would be painful or difficult.  Perhaps I need to start some sort of regular meditation practice.  Meditation in general is difficult for me.

However, a friend suggested that Mannaz means “person,” Laguz means intuition and emotions, and Thurisaz means something sudden or unexpected.  His interpretation was that I should be aware of the sudden appearance of an emotional person, who I presume would somehow help me know Sunna in some way (perhaps teaching).

Honestly, I really have no idea how to interpret the runes drawn for Sunna.  I don’t really get any sort of gut feeling when I pull runes.  My mind is simply blank.  My friend did suggest that I sleep on the runes I pulled for Sunna to trigger dreams that might clarify the reading.  I will at least try it.

Does anyone out there have suggestions or advice on interpreting runes?

Blessings, Victoria


Again the sky seemed dark, and I got up late.  Today though it was cloudy. (Yesterday it was somewhat dark, but not cloudy.)  When I performed the Two Powers exercise, I felt the Powers go up my arms as usual, but I could also feel Them running along my spine.  I feel as if I am making progress.  I still don’t feel like I could possibly discern the differences enough to write an essay about them though.  I need to try working with the Powers individually.

Today I offered Freya a few drops of lavender essential oil.  I think She liked it, judging by the Omen.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Algiz–protection of inaccessibility and terrible retribution, close self off for a time and lash out only when necessary

Wunjo–be on the lookout for underlying issues, but things will be a success in general

Mannaz–mortality, things beyond my control, hopeless to struggle against them

In my short prayer before making my offering, I asked Freya to surround me with Her feathered cloak for protection (as well as guiding me).  Algiz tells me that She will protect me with major consequences for those that might harm me.  Apparently Freya liked my offering today.  I think Wunjo is saying that today will be a good day; I am going to see The Hobbit with my fiance today.  Mannaz warns me that I cannot control everything that happens to me today.

Also, I contacted each Hallow when I mentioned it in my prayer.  When I mentioned the Fire, I waved my hand over the candle’s flame so I could feel it’s warmth.  When I spoke of the Well, I dipped my fingers in Its waters.  I touched the pinecone I use for my Tree as I mentioned it.  Not sure why I did this, it was sort of an intuitive thing.  Maybe I am hoping that I will establish a better connection with each Hallow by interacting with it in such a way.


I woke up at 9 without an alarm; I had forgotten to set it. I missed sunrise, but sunlight was streaming through my window.

The Two Powers exercise went well.  I switched the Powers–meaning I put my right hand over steaming mug and my left hand in the soil.  I could feel the Sky Power strongly with my right hand.  Earth Power was a bit more difficult.  That’s something to work on!

Asked, “Kindreds,what blessings do you have for me today?”

Ingwaz–rune of Frey, fertility, honoring Ancestors

Wunjo–joy, bliss; general success, but be on the lookout for underlying issues

Othila–wealth passed down from generation to generation, completion of a task, being enclosed within self, inheritance

Perhaps some inheritance from the Ancestors is headed my way, perhaps not.  Perhaps the Kindreds are advising me to honor my Ancestors today.  I will honor them before breakfast with a cup of coffee.


Today the sky seemed overcast.  It was difficult to see the sun.  I’m also beginning to notice that my voice isn’t nearly as confident as it was that first time.  Something to work on, I guess.

When I performed the Two Powers meditation, I could start to feel the Powers within me, in my chest.  I don’t think I spend enough time with it to allow the Powers to spread through me, though.

I pulled runes again today for an Omen, but I forgot to ask a question.  Here’s what I drew:

Isa–beautiful and dangerous, deceit that lies just below the surface, make sure any choices are made with full consideration

Dagaz–day,  hope and happiness in future, sense of divine intervention

Wunjo–joy, bliss, general success but watch for underlying issues

The runes are telling me that I need to ask the question next time (see Wunjo).  Not sure what Isa is saying, honestly.

Individual rune interpretations from The Very Basics of Runes:  The Elder Futhark by Michael Dangler.

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