I had been somewhat upset.  I was thinking about a Skype conversation I had recently where everyone was talking about hearing and visions of various Goddesses.  I was rather quiet, as I have not had any such experiences. Earlier today, I asked some fellow ADF members what their experiences were like after being Pagan for […]

There was an ice storm last night.  There is frost on the grass and around the frozen retention pond.  A moderately thick layer of fog blankets the Land.  I find beauty in this. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the weather wherever you are, whether it is storming, sunny, or snowing.

Unfortunately I got up (extremely) late this morning.  However, it wasn’t all bad. Since I had things to start, I simply recited my prayer for Freya and burnt the end of a cinnamon stick in Her honor.  I then went downstairs, made some coffee and put half-and-half in it (like I normally do), and offered […]

Snow still covers the front yard, though some of it is melting in the back. I have most of the devotional prayer memorized.  I only had to glance at my Kindle a few times to remember the words. Nothing remarkable about the Two Powers today.  I could feel the Powers up and down my body, […]

Snow covered the Land when I rose today to perform my morning devotional rite.  It has been snowing a fair amount lately. The Two Powers exercise went well.  I could feel the Powers stretching down to my legs and also up my spine.  I’m still having trouble seeing myself as the center of those Powers, […]

When I rose from bed this morning, gray clouds hung in the sky.  Everything was damp from the overnight storms. I performed my morning devotional a bit differently today.  Instead of kneeling on the floor, I sat in a chair.  It was nice to be able to see out the window better. For the Two […]

I was looking at the Bradford pear outside my window when I realized a light rain was falling.  I thought of Frey and smiled.  (Frey is a God of fertility in the form of rain, while Thor is God of fertility in the form of storms.) Just before the devotional rite, I noticed I was […]

I burned the “Witches’ Sight” candle again today for atmosphere.  Special thanks to my fiance for getting me up early! I’m realizing that I need to memorize my devotional prayer.  Then I can focus less on the words and more on the feelings the words produce. The Two Powers exercise went better than yesterday.  Today, […]

This morning I lit a “Witches’ Sight” candle I found on Etsy, a website that features handmade items from many different sellers, instead of smudging with sage.  As I let the scent of the candle permeate the room, I got my Shrine ready for my devotional ritual. I performed my Two Powers exercise, but I […]

I got up earlier than usual today.  I wasn’t feeling good last night, so I had already gotten a lot of sleep. The Two Powers exercise went well.  I could feel the Powers extending up and down my spine.  After that, I read a prayer to Freya off my laptop and raised my thermal mug […]