About the Druid


My name is Victoria.  I am 25 years of age and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies from Indiana University.  I was recently married to my husband, Craig, on September 28, 2013.  I live in central Indiana with my cat, Frieda, , my parents (for now), and my husband.  I have only been Pagan for about 3 years and a member of ADF for two of those.  However, I have learned more in my time in ADF about myself and about Paganism than I have for the entire time I have actually been Pagan.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your stay.

May you be blessed by the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Gods and Goddesses always.

One thought on “About the Druid

  1. Hey Victoria! It’s a pleasure to have you here! I’m Tony. I’m 23. I am a recent University of Connecticut graduate with a B.A. in Political Science. Wow, congratulations on your upcoming wedding this year! You have a lot of planning to do! Although you have barely a whole year ahead, I’m sure you’ll do great! Just breathe and take it easy each day. Live life to the fullest one heart beat at a time. You almost nailed my birthday! I was born on September 3rd! I live in Connecticut with two cats, parents, and a fourteen year old sister. I’m glad I stopped by. If you need any inspiration, stop by my blog sometime. I could even promote you to my 3,500+ email subscribers. Continue expressing yourself! Take care.

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