My First Oath

The First Oath is not a required part of ADF’s Dedicant Path, but “[i]t’s added in for those who wish to commit to study on this path in a formal way” (Dangler 14).  For me, this was exactly that:  a commitment that I will uphold the Pagan way  in the correct way for me.  It’s not an Oath to finish the DP, remain a member of ADF for life, or even to a certain hearth culture.  Perhaps this will be better illustrated by the text of my Oath, which I wrote myself:

I, Victoria Marie Laughlin, have asked you today to witness a transformation. [This rite was performed with my fiance and best friend in attendance.]  Thank you for your support during this process.  Today I stand before the Three Kindreds–Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Deities–to declare myself as one who will uphold the Old Ways, a Pagan.  To this end, I will live a life of generosity to others, and one of kindness to the Earth.  I will offer worship to the Kindreds as best as I am able, in both time and place.  I will learn all I can about the Old Ways, and I will continue to refine my skills in the work of Druidry.  To show my sincerity, I will offer this silver charm to running water.  However, I ask Craig [my fiance] to be my representative since I am unable to go to the water myself.  Please accept it.  The transformation is complete!

I took my Oath on January 6, 2012, and have upheld it since.  That’s saying a lot for someone who has trouble making decisions to commit to anything!

I hope you found my First Oath enlightening.

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