My Dedicant’s Oath

The Dedicant’s Oath is generally undertaken when a student has completed all other requirements of Ár nDraíocht Féin’s Dedicant’s Path.  The rite during which I made my Oath will not be posted here, as I prefer to keep that private.

However, here is the text of my Oath itself:

I ask my Lady Freyja to witness this Oath, so that I may remain true to my word.
Today I declare to the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining Ones my intention to follow
the Path of the Druid. After more than a year of study, and before that much searching for a
spiritual home, I have determined that Druidry is the Path which will lead me home.
By the Well of the Ancestors, I vow to let the waters of Wisdom, Vision, and Integrity flow in
me. I vow to continue to study the ways of the ancient and modern Druids.
By the Fire of the Shining Ones, I vow to let the flames of Courage, Piety, and
Perseverance shine in me. I vow to continue to celebrate the Wheel of the Year in ways
that are appropriate for me.
By the Tree of the Nature Spirits, I vow to let the leaves of Moderation, Fertility, and
Hospitality root and crown my soul. I vow to continue walking the Path of the Druid, one
who walks between the worlds.
Lady Freyja, with You as witness, I declare that I am a Druid now and forevermore. May
You ensure I uphold this Oath with my entire soul.

May my Oath provide you with inspiration!

2 thoughts on “My Dedicant’s Oath

    • That’s just my Oath. If you would like to see the entire rite, I would be happy to email it to you, along with my essay evaluation.


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