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Unfortunately I got up (extremely) late this morning.  However, it wasn’t all bad.

Since I had things to start, I simply recited my prayer for Freya and burnt the end of a cinnamon stick in Her honor.  I then went downstairs, made some coffee and put half-and-half in it (like I normally do), and offered some coffee to the Kindreds, like so:

Hail to the Nature Spirits! (pour coffee)

Hail to the Shining Ones! (pour coffee)

Hail to the Ancestors! (pour coffee)

I then took a sip myself to show communion.  I decided I actually liked this simpler way of worshiping my Lady Freya and the Kindreds.  It is also easier to perform in my living situation, as it doesn’t take as long as the SDF devotional (so it’s more “covert”).

I noticed that the snow is almost all gone, and I heard birds chirping when I went outside to make my offering.  The retention pond behind the backyard is still frozen over.

Not a bad start to the day!


Snow still covers the front yard, though some of it is melting in the back.

I have most of the devotional prayer memorized.  I only had to glance at my Kindle a few times to remember the words.

Nothing remarkable about the Two Powers today.  I could feel the Powers up and down my body, which is a good thing.

Offered Freya cinnamon as usual, with the same prayer as yesterday.

Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?

Fehu–wealth (but be cautious about hoarding it), give of what you have to take part in cosmos’ reciprocity

Thurisaz–look before you sit,  brute strength, use opponent’s strength against them

Kenaz–in most circumstances not positive, but can be torch that extends fellowship and offers warmth

Honestly, I’m not sure how the runes apply to life right now.  I’m not sure I really want to think about it today, since I have other things I need to work on.

All in all, a blah start to the day.


Snow covered the Land when I rose today to perform my morning devotional rite.  It has been snowing a fair amount lately.

The Two Powers exercise went well.  I could feel the Powers stretching down to my legs and also up my spine.  I’m still having trouble seeing myself as the center of those Powers, but I think I will start working with visualization next week to actually feel the Sky Power from above and the Earth Power from below.  In other words, this week is the last week I will use the physical cues of the steaming water and soil.

I praised Freya with a prayer I wrote a few days ago, and offered Her cinnamon as usual.

Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?

Sowilo–things that are right in the world, cycles, warmth and joy in the days to come

Fehu–wealth (but it shouldn’t be hoarded), give of what you have to take part in cosmos’ reciprocity

Thurisaz–look before you sit, brute strength, using opponent’s strength against him

When I saw Sowilo and Fehu, I thought of the possibility of finally getting a job, which would be joyful and give me wealth.  Once I obtain the wealth, though, I shouldn’t become miserly and be afraid to spend it (as my family thinks I should).  Thurisaz is cautionary, but I’m not sure why.

To finish my ritual this morning, I lit a white sage smudge stick from the Fire and smudged the room.  I did this simply because I felt like it, and I love the scent of white sage.


When I rose from bed this morning, gray clouds hung in the sky.  Everything was damp from the overnight storms.

I performed my morning devotional a bit differently today.  Instead of kneeling on the floor, I sat in a chair.  It was nice to be able to see out the window better.

For the Two Powers exercise, I set the bowl of soil on the floor, as usual, and placed my mug of steaming water on top of the Shrine.  I tried a recent suggestion from another ADF member and stuck one foot in the soil to better represent the Earth Power, while I put both hands over the mug.  It felt very awkward for me.  Perhaps it had something to do with trying to draw up energy through my feet, which was something I wasn’t used to.

I took my foot out of the dirt and picked up the bowl.  I then set the bowl on my Shrine next to the mug of water.  I put my left hand over the mug and my right hand in the soil.  That worked a little better, though I couldn’t feel either Power as strongly as I normally do.  I am inclined to think it was the fact that I was sitting up in a chair, instead of kneeling with my legs folded under me.  This allowed the energy to spread more evenly throughout my body, instead of all of it concentrating in my upper body.

I said some words to Lady Freya and offered her cinnamon.

When I took an Omen, the question I asked was a bit different than normal, but I can’t exactly remember what the wording was.  Therefore, I will post my usual question, which is what the gist of the question I asked today was anyway.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Gebo–reciprocity, balance

Mannaz–humans in general, mortality, things that are hopeless to struggle against

Uruz–manly strength if you are up to the challenge presented, that which is undesirable

A question that was floating around in my head while I was making my offering to Freya was, “Does She even like the cinnamon that I keep offering to Her?  I feel like I don’t really know,” and I was hoping She would let me know somehow.  When I pulled Gebo, I smiled because that was my Lady’s way of telling me she likes it.  Mannaz and Uruz don’t seem to bode well.  I feel like I these runes relate to my job interview yesterday, which is something that has been on my mind.  Mannaz seems to be saying that there is really no way I can convince the company to hire me, while Uruz says that I will be given strength to overcome the challenge of getting a job.  However, something tells me these interpretations aren’t quite right, so I will have to wait and see what happens.


I was looking at the Bradford pear outside my window when I realized a light rain was falling.  I thought of Frey and smiled.  (Frey is a God of fertility in the form of rain, while Thor is God of fertility in the form of storms.)

Just before the devotional rite, I noticed I was a bit jittery and excited.  I tried to take some deep breaths to calm down, but that didn’t really work.  When I started doing weekly devotionals last year, I noticed after a while that I would get anxious and excited before the rite instead of being calm.  I think I am anticipating the ritual, but I would rather be calm.  Any ideas for overcoming this are welcome!

Since I didn’t have my Kindle, I had to read the prayer from my computer, which was situated behind me.  I had to turn around every couple lines to look at it.  That disrupted the flow of the ritual some.

I noticed when I performed the Two Powers exercise, the energy seemed to stop at the base of my spine, instead of also going through my legs.  Perhaps the flow of energy was blocked by the folding of my legs underneath me.  I could try to sit crosslegged, but I’m not sure that would work any better.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Ansuz–wisdom, new beginnings

Sowilo–sun, warmth and joy in the days to come, cycles

Pertho–chance, uncertainty

There is an unknown element today, indicated by Pertho.  Ansuz could be referring to my plan to get my explanatory essay for Yule done today–that is a wise thing to do.  I’m not sure how “new beginnings” relates, but I do have a job interview tomorrow.  Perhaps I will get the job.  Sowilo tells me that I will be happy in the coming days.  The next High Day (Imbolc/Charming of the Plough) is this week, and rituals for the High Days make me very happy.  A job would also make me happy.  Today, though, I’m not so sure of my interpretation, as it seems more of what I would like to happen than what will actually happen.


I burned the “Witches’ Sight” candle again today for atmosphere.  Special thanks to my fiance for getting me up early!

I’m realizing that I need to memorize my devotional prayer.  Then I can focus less on the words and more on the feelings the words produce.

The Two Powers exercise went better than yesterday.  Today, as yesterday, I felt the Earth Power with my left hand and the Sky Power with my right.  The Powers began to flow down my spine and through the rest of my body.  I could slightly feel the Powers exiting my head–I guess that would be my crown chakra.  I don’t usually work with the system of chakras, since I don’t connect very well to it.

I offered Freya cinnamon again by burning the end of a stick in the Fire.  When I smelled the smoke of the spice, I smiled with the knowledge that the smoke is going up to Freya in the Upperworld.

Later today, I plan to visit the local mall with my fiance.  The mall has an indoor fountain.  We will do as the ancient Celts did and toss coins into the fountain/well with prayers to the Kindreds (obviously without making a big show of it).  The coins will be an offering.  We are unable to do a full ritual today, so that will suffice instead.

I’m proud of myself for actually managing to get up early to perform morning devotional rituals this long!


This morning I lit a “Witches’ Sight” candle I found on Etsy, a website that features handmade items from many different sellers, instead of smudging with sage.  As I let the scent of the candle permeate the room, I got my Shrine ready for my devotional ritual.

I performed my Two Powers exercise, but I had my right hand over the steaming water and my left hand in the soil.  I had a harder time sensing the Earth Power with my left hand, which is interesting.

I said a few words to Freya and burned the end of a cinnamon stick in the Fire.  I thought She would like it because cinnamon is a sweet scent.  The scent of cinnamon filled the room.

I took a few moments to watch the sun rise, then continued with the second half of the devotional, making (safe) contact with the Fire, Well, and Tree as I spoke of them.

Before blowing out the Fire, I took a few moments more to observe the tree outside the window.  It still has buds on it from the unusually warm weather over the weekend, but the temperature lately has been below 32 degrees.  I imagine the buds have frozen by now.  There was also a bird in the tree, but I couldn’t really tell what kind it was.  It flew off after a short rest.

I blew my candle out and cleaned up my Shrine space.  I decided to go downstairs, put on a sweater, scarf, and gloves, and grab a partial bottle of water that I had started yesterday.  I went out to the backyard and stood on the concrete “stoop” just outside the door.  Pouring a bit of water on the ground, I said “Hail to the Ancestors!”  I poured a bit more water on the ground and said, “Hail to the Nature Spirits!”  I poured one last time and said, “Hail to the Shining Ones!”  I then took a sip to show that I had shared some of my personal water, lifted the bottle to the sky in a toast, and went back inside.

I feel that by making regular offerings to each Kindred, I can improve my relationships with Them.  This is a very good thing.


I got up earlier than usual today.  I wasn’t feeling good last night, so I had already gotten a lot of sleep.

The Two Powers exercise went well.  I could feel the Powers extending up and down my spine.  After that, I read a prayer to Freya off my laptop and raised my thermal mug of coffee up to Her.  I then took a sip myself.

For the Omen, I used a unique form of divination.  The post describing the method will be published shortly.  However, I am using my results of this method as this Friday’s Pagan Blog Project post (the date for that is 1/25).

A lot of the time for today’s devotional was spent just watching Sunna rise and brighten the land.  It was very pleasant.


Morning devotional went well today.  I noticed snowflakes falling outside among the budding branches of the Bradford pear.  I also grabbed a small white sage smudge stick and lit it from the candle’s flame to smudge my room and the Shrine before working.  I had forgotten how much I love the scent of white sage!

The Two Powers exercise went well.  I can really feel the Powers running up my arms.  In fact, the Powers are so strong, I could slightly feel them just simply recalling their sensation as I fell asleep!  I think that maybe I won’t need the physical soil and steam after a while to connect to the Two Powers.

I said a small prayer for Freya, my Lady, and offered Her some myrrh essential oil that I happened to have on hand (yes, a weird thing for me to have on hand!).  I know myrrh isn’t exactly a flower or anything, but I thought She would like it because of its sweet scent.  Later today I might make some rose water to offer Her.

What blessings do the Kindreds have for me today? (Used my newly completed runes to take this Omen.)

Thurisaz–brute strength, use an opponent’s force against them, “look before you sit”

Othila–wealth passed down for generations, completion of a task, being enclosed within self, inheritance

Mannaz–humans in general, mortality, things beyond our control and hopeless to struggle against

The Omens today seem mostly negative.  Thurisaz is usually negative, and Mannaz has a somewhat negative meaning.  Perhaps Thurisaz is just saying I need to be cautious pouring essential oil over the candle flame, as I could burn myself and/or start a fire.  Othila referring to “inheritance” is unlikely, as no one has died or anything.  Most likely, Othila is referring to my inability to drive, which means I will be stuck in the house all day (as usual).  Finally, I’m not sure what to say about Mannaz.  It is a rune I have been drawing a lot lately.  I hope someone isn’t going to die soon!

When I mentioned the Fire in the second half of the prayer, I waved my hand through the heat of the candle flame.  When I mentioned the Well, I dipped my fingers into the cool water in the cauldron.  When I mentioned the Tree, I touched the pinecone on top of the pillar candle stand that I am using for my Tree.  I think this is my way of trying to connect to the Hallows better.

All in all, a wonderful morning devotional!


Again the sky seemed dark, and I got up late.  Today though it was cloudy. (Yesterday it was somewhat dark, but not cloudy.)  When I performed the Two Powers exercise, I felt the Powers go up my arms as usual, but I could also feel Them running along my spine.  I feel as if I am making progress.  I still don’t feel like I could possibly discern the differences enough to write an essay about them though.  I need to try working with the Powers individually.

Today I offered Freya a few drops of lavender essential oil.  I think She liked it, judging by the Omen.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Algiz–protection of inaccessibility and terrible retribution, close self off for a time and lash out only when necessary

Wunjo–be on the lookout for underlying issues, but things will be a success in general

Mannaz–mortality, things beyond my control, hopeless to struggle against them

In my short prayer before making my offering, I asked Freya to surround me with Her feathered cloak for protection (as well as guiding me).  Algiz tells me that She will protect me with major consequences for those that might harm me.  Apparently Freya liked my offering today.  I think Wunjo is saying that today will be a good day; I am going to see The Hobbit with my fiance today.  Mannaz warns me that I cannot control everything that happens to me today.

Also, I contacted each Hallow when I mentioned it in my prayer.  When I mentioned the Fire, I waved my hand over the candle’s flame so I could feel it’s warmth.  When I spoke of the Well, I dipped my fingers in Its waters.  I touched the pinecone I use for my Tree as I mentioned it.  Not sure why I did this, it was sort of an intuitive thing.  Maybe I am hoping that I will establish a better connection with each Hallow by interacting with it in such a way.

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