Daily Devotional, 5/9/18

Devotional was late again today.  I did another transcript for the Druids in Cars, Going to Festivals podcast and then I didn’t feel good for a good while after that.  I finally felt good enough to do devotional, so I cleaned out my incense burner, lit some charcoal, lit my candles, and sat down.

I tried to let the scent of each offering fill me after I placed it on the charcoal to create a deeper link to each Kindred and Freyja.  I named the Kindreds as usual, though I omitted some Ancestors due to my anxiety when my husband is in the room.  My prayer to Freyja was filled with as much joy as I could muster, though I still wasn’t feeling that great (a holdover from earlier).

After I shuffled my Wychwood Oracle deck for the third time, a couple cards fell face down onto the floor.  I picked them up without revealing them and placed them on top of my deck.  The top card ended up being the Moon, reversed:

VIII – The Moon, reversed, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

In the reversed position, the Moon says that you are trapped in a cycle, unfulfilled, and/or influenced by others.  This is exactly how I was feeling after I finished the transcript.  I was feeling unfulfilled and letting others’ spiritual practices influence how mine should look.  I often get trapped in this cycle of feeling connected spiritually for a while, then I get upset and no longer feel connected to anything.  So, it seems like the Moon is a reflection of this period of time.  It could also be telling me that I need to somehow get out of this cycle and worry about my own spiritual practice instead of those of others, which is something I have struggled with for a long time.

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