Daily Devotional, 5/10/18

Today’s devotional went well.  I honored each Kindred with joy in my heart and smelled the scent of each offering to more fully suffuse myself with them.  I started out a bit weak and hesitant when reciting Freyja’s prayer, but my voice grew stronger and I felt more joy as I continued.

I drew the Black Cat, so I drew another card as a clarifier.  That turned out to be the Lord in the reversed position:

XIII – The Black Cat, upright, and XXVIII – The Lord, reversed, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Black Cat, which I’ve been drawing a lot, means that my luck will change.  The Lord reversed is the card I drew to clarify the Black Cat.  Reversed, the Lord signifies lack of discipline, dominating, independence.  I am trying to show my family that I can be independent, so that’s a possible meaning here.  It could also mean that perhaps I’m trying to become more disciplined, especially with devotionals.


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