Daily Devotional, 4/26/18

I am pleased with today’s devotional.  Naming the Kindreds went well.  I did better with Freyja’s prayer today, making it more intense and feeling it.  The only problem I had was the card I drew.

I drew the Lady in the reversed position:

XXVII – The Lady, upright, from the Wychwood Oracle. Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

Reversed, the Lady represents allure, negligence, and disharmony.  I’m not really sure where this comes into play.  I had a friend pick up some cheap tomato plants for me.  They weren’t really well-marked, so I’m not sure what I’m getting.  That might be a sign of disharmony.  I’m picking up some potting soil later today to put the tomatoes in some pots.  Hopefully the store won’t be out of soil!  That would definitely add some disharmony to my day.


Daily Devotional, 4/25/18

Today’s devotional went really well.  I named each of the Kindreds, as usual, though it’s starting to feel less “spiritual” and more mundane.  I should make an effort to visualize the Kindreds in addition to naming them.  I did make Freyja’s prayer more intense this time and tried hard to feel it, though that doesn’t always work with me.

I drew the River upright today:

VI – The River, upright, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The River is a card of adventure, rejuvenation, and guidance.  Today is a day to perhaps take a bath and relax in order to restore and rejuvenate.  I am planning on taking the bus to the library later today, so maybe that will turn into an adventure.  My husband and I have a marriage counseling appointment today, so there’s guidance.  All in all, I think it will be a good day!

Daily Devotional, 4/24/18

Today’s devotional went better than it did while I was in Chicago.  I named Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and the Vanir.  I tried to be intense with Freyja’s prayer, but I wasn’t as intense as I know I could be.  Perhaps that was due to having an off day yesterday.  I didn’t do devotional at all because I was not feeling well.

I drew the Mask upright today:

XXVI – The Mask, upright, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Mask is a card of mystery, illusion, and composure.  I need to make sure that things really are what they seem today.  I also just need to be open to mystery.  I’m not sure where composure fits in today.  All in all, a good start after being gone over the weekend.

Daily Devotional, 4/21/18

XXIV – The Wand, reversed, from the Wychwood Oracle. Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

Today’s devotional was very different. I am in downtown Chicago in the middle of concrete, steel, and brick. I wasn’t able to bring my candles, charcoal, or smudge. I didn’t name the Kindreds either. I had to be quieter in my prayer to Freyja which wasn’t as intense as usual because I was afraid of disturbing other hotel guests. I just made offerings to my offering bowl instead of to charcoal.

As you can see from the photo above, I drew the Wand reversed which stands for disconnection, lack of intention, and distraction. I did not get much sleep last night so distraction from fatigue comes in to play. I also feel very disconnected here, but hopefully that will change when we visit Grant Park later today.

Daily Devotional, 4/20/18

My devotional today was a bit wonky.  I made the offering to the Ancestors then remembered to light their candle.  The lighter went out after that so I wasn’t able to light any other candles.  I looked around for my plain chime candles so I could light the other candles, but I didn’t find them.  I decided to continue on with my devotional by naming the Nature Spirits (those of bud and leaf, fur and feather, fin and scale, winged and those without, two-legged, four-legged, and eight-legged, etc.) and making them their offering of lavender.  I then honored the Vanir with an offering of oats.

Freyja’s prayer went well.  Enunciating the words and saying them strongly with intensity really helps me feel the prayer.

Despite the wonkiness, I drew the Feather upright:

V – The Feather, upright, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Feather, in the upright position, signifies freedom, changes, and relaxation.  This is a sign that the trip I’m taking to Chicago with my husband and my mother will be a welcome change that will be relaxing and freeing.  I am looking forward to this trip very much.  It will be nice to have a change of scenery for the weekend.

Daily Devotional, 4/19/18

I am happy with today’s devotional.  I smudged myself with white sage beforehand to get myself prepared spiritually and mentally.  I named my Ancestors.  When it came to the Nature Spirits, I named them a bit differently than normal.  Instead of naming specific Nature Spirits, I named their characteristics.  For example, I said, “those of bud, blossom, and leaf, fur and feather, those of scale, two-legged, four-legged, and eight-legged [etc.].”  The Vanir offering went well as well.  As for Freyja’s prayer, I felt like I was a touch too loud for no reason (but that happens with me, being on the autism spectrum), but I tried hard to enunciate the words.  Enunciation and intensity help me feel the prayer.

While I was shuffling, the Witch practically jumped out of the deck face up and upright:

XXXI – The Witch, upright, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Witch in the upright position represents inspiration, moderation, and courage.  She rides her broom with her cat and a smile on her face.  She is powerful.  I should strive to embody all of these qualities today.  I also should keep moderation in mind and not spend too much money.  Today looks to be a good day!

Daily Devotional, 4/18/18

I am pleased with today’s devotional.  I smudged myself with a stick of palo santo wood before beginning.  I was able to name the specific Kindreds, despite my husband being in the room.  (He is home sick today.)  My prayer to Freyja wasn’t as intense or filled with joy as usual but that’s because of anxiety with my husband there.  It still went really well.

While I was shuffling my oracle deck, the Compass flipped over, which signifies journeys, travel, and the right path.  That is a good sign.

The actual card I drew was the Key reversed:

key reversed
XIX – The Key, reversed, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Key in the reversed position signifies openness, honesty, and revelations.  Today is a day to be honest with myself and others.  I also need to keep an open mind.  Revelations indicate something that will be revealed or uncovered, whether big or small.  I tend to think of them as big things though.  I will pay attention to see if anything is revealed today.

Daily Devotional, 4/17/18

Today’s devotional went fairly well.  I enjoyed naming the Kindreds.  Freyja’s prayer was strong and passionate.  I was distracted a bit while shuffling my oracle deck, and I think my card reflects that.

I drew the Mask reversed:

XXVI – The Mask, reversed, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

Reversed, the Mask is a sign of guile, deception, and insecurity.  I think insecurity is the meaning that fits best.  I pissed off a “friend” by making an assumption and we disagreed.  I was called negative and disrespectful.  Now I am very insecure about even staying in the CUUPS chapter with her, as she wants things perfect and positive 24/7.  I know I definitely can’t do that.  In any case, have a blessed day!

Daily Devotional, 4/16/18

I feel like today’s devotional went really well.  The Kindreds all got their respective offerings.  When I put the Ancestors’ offering of rosemary on the charcoal, I smiled once I could smell it.  They are with me.  Freyja’s prayer was full of passion, love, devotion, and intensity.  I used a very strong voice with lots of inflection.

I prayed to Freyja a second time, this time to make a petitionary offering.  I prayed that the house we are looking to repair and eventually buy was not worse than it appeared.  I prayed that the mold was just in the drywall and not in the frame, and that the repairs would be reasonably priced.  This prayer was also in a strong voice with both arms raised to the sky.  I faced my portrait of Freyja as I prayed.  I made another offering of honey to the charcoal as payment.  I also reassured her I would put a shrine to her in the new house if she helped us with this.  Tears almost came to my eyes a couple times during this prayer because I really want the house and land to work out.

After all of that, I drew the Compass upright:

compass upright
XVII – The Compass, upright, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Compass tells me that I am headed in the right direction.  It is a card of journeys, travel, and being on the right path.  I will keep an eye on my draws over the next few weeks to see what progress is being made in terms of the house.  We want the house and the land so badly.  My husband’s family won’t help us if the house needs to be completely torn down, leaving us with no way of purchasing it (unless for some odd reason my family decided to help).  I am indeed beginning a journey, one that involves fixing up a rundown house and moving.  The Compass is there to guide me and show me where I’m going.

Daily Devotional, 4/15/18

Today’s devotional went well, even though I was a bit distracted.  My husband was in the room again so it was a bit hard to focus.  I did name each of the Kindreds this time, though admittedly I left some out that I thought he would think were “weird,” especially some of the Ancestors (Chester Bennington, Issac Bonewits, etc.).  I am trying to learn to be more confident around people, though my social anxiety throws me off.  This will be important if I decide to participate in group rituals later.  Freyja’s prayer was not as intense as usual for this reason.  I’m trying really hard to push myself though.

I drew the Hand today:

III – The Hand, upright, from the Wychwood Oracle.  Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Hand in the upright position is a sign of friendship, offering help, and reaching for goals.  This is generally a good card to draw.  We are looking at our house and land today to see what needs to be done to repair it.  It sounds like we will have help with the repairs from family.  This is a great sign and one that looks like we will end up with the house after all.