Daily Devotional, 5/7/18

I am late with today’s devotional because I was transcribing the Druids in Cars, Going to Festivals podcast that is put out by Rev. Michael Dangler and Rev. Jan Avende of Three Cranes Grove, ADF.   Click here to listen.

My devotional went pretty well today.  I took a moment to smell each offering I placed on the hot charcoal after I named each Kindred.  I tried to allow the scents to permeate my being so that I would be suffused with the Kindreds.  I didn’t recite Freyja’s prayer as enthusiastically as usual.  I’m not sure if I was distracted or just “not feeling it” today.  I tried to be more enthusiastic toward the end of the prayer.  I’m not really sure how it was received since I am a bit puzzled by the Omen.

I drew the Black Cat reversed today, so I drew another card with it, which was the Compass reversed:

XIII – The Black Cat, reversed, and XVII – The Compass, reversed, from the Wychwood Oracle. Photo by Victoria Laughlin-Casares, 2018.

The Black Cat, whether reversed or upright, simply means “your luck will change.”  The Compass, in the reversed position, signifies lost ways, uncertainty, and risks.  Now, putting those together, I get “your luck will change in terms of lost ways, uncertainty, and risks.”  I’m honestly not sure what this means.  Will I become certain of everything headed my way?  Will taking risks no longer work out in my favor?  Will I suddenly find my way?  If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.


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