Today the sky seemed overcast.  It was difficult to see the sun.  I’m also beginning to notice that my voice isn’t nearly as confident as it was that first time.  Something to work on, I guess.

When I performed the Two Powers meditation, I could start to feel the Powers within me, in my chest.  I don’t think I spend enough time with it to allow the Powers to spread through me, though.

I pulled runes again today for an Omen, but I forgot to ask a question.  Here’s what I drew:

Isa–beautiful and dangerous, deceit that lies just below the surface, make sure any choices are made with full consideration

Dagaz–day,  hope and happiness in future, sense of divine intervention

Wunjo–joy, bliss, general success but watch for underlying issues

The runes are telling me that I need to ask the question next time (see Wunjo).  Not sure what Isa is saying, honestly.

Individual rune interpretations from The Very Basics of Runes:  The Elder Futhark by Michael Dangler.

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